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MessageSujet: This solved my big problem   This solved my big problem Icon_minitimeMer 3 Aoû - 6:42

Hello.Compressing a DVD9 with DVDshrink..?! - I have quite a few questions i'd like to ask.. - all of my questions concern the use of DVDshrink:#1 When using a stillpicture instead of the extra material, it oftens takes 100 or more mb i size -- how can that be..?#2 How much can i compress the movie itself without it will be showing..? - what percent would you suggest..?#3 I have heard that using DVDshrink to compress my DVD's down to the size of a DVD-R, is not the best way to do it..!! -is it true?? can the job be done in a better way??#4 If i only choose to use the AC3 5.1-kn for the sound, will the ones seeing the movie with mono or stereo sound, have as good a sound as if i had chosen AC3 2-kn..?#5 Let's say i choose to use the extra material on my new DVD-R. I only choose the AC3 5.1-kn sound with a size on 8mb, and leave out the AC3 2-kn with a size on 58mb --- will there be sound on all extra-material then, or will it only be on different "spots" were they are using 5.1 and then the rest of the ex-material will be without any sound..?#6 "unrefered material"(i think its called in eng.) -- what is it..? can i replace it with a still image...?Thats all for now Smile -- i hope you will/can answer some or all of my questions... (I excuse the spelling)
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This solved my big problem
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